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Crypto Derivatives

DigiOptions is an exchange for digital options on crypto currencies. Digital options are derivatives allowing for highly leveraged trading. E. g., you can bet on the Bitcoin/Tether (BTC/USDT) to close within a given range. We offer short and long term bets. The trading currency used is Ether.


DigiOptions is secure. In contrast to other exchanges, we operate completely decentralized on the blockchain. All transactions are performed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. DigiOptions does not hold any user funds in escrow, so there is no risk of fund loss due to hacker attacks. Furthermore, there is no counterparty risk since all transactions are completely backed by Ether deposited in the smart contracts.

Easy Access and Use

Just get an Ethereum wallet and start trading immediately. No software needs to be installed. No registration is required. DigiOptions is easy to use either via the website or the mobile app. Markets are open 24/7.
Fair, transparent and secure trading.

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